Church History

On March 11, 2007, God called Reverend Olatunji O. Gbotosho,  the General Overseer’s of Rulers Assembly into the work of the ministry.  March 11, 2007 which coincided with his birthday, he had mandate, a vision and a divine encounter that lasted for hours with God.

In that vision, he saw a congregation of people  in a church like sheep waiting for their shepherd. God  then spoke to him in the vision. “You know yourself, you have been running away, see all these congregations, I have chosen you to lead them as their shepherd.” God repeated these words three times and anointed him with anointing oil each time after each of this statement. In that vision Reverend Olatunji said he felt the anointing oil like electric shock all over his body each time that God anointed him with the oil.

God again visited him in more vision up to more 40 days to confirm His mandate to him. In one of the visions, God revealed to him how the evil power operates and how His people are kept in prisons. He saw men and women clothe in prison yellow uniforms as well as their children who are being born into captivity and no way of escape. Rev. Olatunji was moved with compassion when he saw people with no access to liberty and a strongman, the devil, guarding the entrance of the prison. Then God said, “I am sending you into the world to liberate my people from entrapment of the devil.” “I fought with the devil, overpowered him  and set His people free,” said Rev. Olatunji (Luke 11:21-22).
Again God revealed to him in another vision. He saw some birds in the cages; and God said to him, “A lot of people are like these: limited in potential, in cages of life, in serious bondages. I am sending you to liberate them”

Reverend Olatunji Gbotosho, the visionary of  Rulers Assembly, also had series of other encounters in the vision with the strongman, the marine power, which, at the mentioning of the name of Jesus Christ, every sources of their power were destroyed (Philippians 2:9).

This is the Genesis of Rulers Assembly Ministries, which is divinely guided, instructed, and directed on how to carry on the mandate. With this mandate, the evil cannot stop us from carrying out this assignment because the world belongs to Jesus.

The name of the church changed to Rulers Assembly (A.k.a. Fountain of God Church) on  December 3rd; 2012.

The liberation of mankind from the oppression of the devil is a global assignment/ mandate  and through the words of faith and believe in Jesus Christ, the mandate will come to pass. Today we have series of testimonies to confirm the heavenly mandate being fulfilled.



Where there is no vision, people perish, Proverbs 29:18

Our Mission and Vision are as follows:


  1. To heal, to deliver, and to set people free from the captivity of life through the preaching and standing on God’s word.  


  1. To train Christians to become leaders not followers.
  2. For Christians to be able to fulfill, and occupy the positions that God has created for them.
  3. For Christians to possess their possession.