Monthly Men Shiloh Day Program is being organized to reach out to all men of all ages with a vision to:

  • Help  all men  enjoy their full inheritance in the Lord.
  • To treat all pertinent men’s issues with a view to positively impacts these areas in line with the words of God.
  • Help  men with broken life & relationships.
  • Show,  train, and  teach  all men  to follow the Words, & also to use wisdom & prayers  as the head of the family to restructure, restore and refreshed their broken life and relationships.
  • To support and help new fathers and husbands who are in need.
  • Teach a man how he can be fulfilled in life
  • Plan events and conferences that will unite all women and bring out the potentials in them. 
Be part of  the Monthly  Men's Shiloh Day Program, you can make a change in your marriage, home and community!

PROGRAM SCHEDULE TIME: Every first Saturday of each month between 5pm-7pm.  
All the men in the church and men from other churches & from within the community are invited!This day people come with Fasting & Prayers. 

Refreshments are served at the end of the program! 

Pastor Olatunji Gbotosho, the General Overseer of Rulers Assembly  is the head of men’s ministry.  
For more information, please email:,  or call 347-346-7446, 917-405-5444.

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