Monthly Women Shiloh Day Program is being organized to reach out to all women of all ages with a vision to:
  • Help  all women  enjoy their full inheritance in the Lord.
  • To treat all pertinent women’s issues with a view to positively impacts these areas in line with the words of God.
  • Help  women  who are in need, women with broken life & relationships. 
  • Show,  train, and  teach  all women  to follow the Words, & also to use wisdom & prayers to restructure, restore and refreshed their broken life and relationships.
  • To support and help new mothers and wives who are in needs.
  • Teach a woman how she can be fulfilled in life each & show a woman her responsibilities  to build her home (Proverbs 14:1) and to always stand the gap to pray for her family members.
  • Plan events and conferences that will unite all women and bring out the potentials in them. 
Pastor Kikelomo Gbotosho is the head of women’s ministry.  Since her call into the ministry, she has been doggedly supportive of her husband, the visionary of Rulers Assembly, Pastor Olatunji Gbotosho in the work of the ministry. And she has dedicated her whole life in showing everyone around her God’s ways and perfect wills for their life and homes. The Monthly Women Shiloh Day Program that she runs every first Saturday of the Month is especially helping her to achieve these aims in the life of  women.

Be part of  the Monthly  Women's Shiloh Day Program, you can make a change in your marriage, home and community!

PROGRAM SCHEDULE TIME: Every first Saturday of each month between 5pm-7pm.  
All women in the church and women from other churches & from within the community are invited!  This day people come with Fasting & Prayers. 

Refreshments are served at the end of the program! 

For more information, please email: rulass@aol.com, or call 347-346-7446, 646-241-2134. 
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