Welcome to our Royal Men's Ministry. Men ministry is designed to:     

(a)  Actively bring men closer to God and His Words for the purpose of growing, winning & training men for Christ Jesus. Bringing men closer to God in the church and in the community at large leads to bringing the entire family closer to Christ.
(b)  Lead men to live a Spirit filled life so that they can be fulfilled in life.
(c)  To raise Godly leaders in them which Jehovah God has called them to be, esp. in their homes
(d)  To train men in Godly ways to attain the knowledge of Scriptures, appropriating it to their lives, the Biblical principles of how to be Godly Men, Fathers and Husbands that God wants them to be.
(e)  Reach out to men of different color and race in the church, within the community and throughout  the nations worldwide, to open their eyes to what God wants them to be and to bring to life the dead potentials in them.
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